Since Christmas Day, nine people have been killed in bushfires across New South Wales and Victoria, while 17 people have died since the season began. “Those fires have spread at the absolute worst-case scenario, which typically is not what happens when it plays out on the ground,” Fitzsimmons said. But on Thursday evening both routes were at a standstill as the fire threat lingered, with tailbacks of up to 25km reported. New South Wales RFS has declared a seven-day state of emergency before extreme conditions, including temperatures exceeding 40C, return to the south coast, Snowy Mountains and the outskirts of Sydney on Friday and Saturday. On Thursday afternoon, Australian defence force officials said they expected to relocate 800 people using the naval ship HMAS Choules, while others will be airlifted out.

A high-quality fire evacuation plan will not only prepare your business for fires, but rather for any emergency, whether that be a natural disaster or active shooter. By providing your employees with the proper evacuation training, they will be able to leave the office quickly in the case of any emergency. If you live in a tall building, it is important that you understand the basics of escape planning.

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Additionally, remote workers might not be directly affected by a fire, but they need to know what is going on with the business and their co-workers. If you have a large organization, event pages help keep everyone updated with real-time info. This will offer employees a web link they can check for real-time updates. For bonus points make a mini-fire evacuation drill part of a new employee’s onboarding process.

  • Yesterday, Australia’s beleaguered prime minister announced that volunteer firefighters from the federal public sector will receive paid leave entitlements in a move to help contain wildfires that have ravaged parts of the country.
  • Mitchell’s suggestion to raise money for the RFS was met with overwhelming support at a time when a large number of Tomago staff were involved in volunteering their time to fight fires with local RFS brigades.
  • Activities like training, development, community events, providing information and supporting other emergency services rounds out the volunteer experience.
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures should be clearly displayed on appropriate signage.
  • In my bio I’ve added links to support the fire fighters, organisations and charities who are working flat out to provide support and relief during this devastating and challenging time.

With three sizes, a sleek, low-profile design, and many options, RoadFocus extends the same uniform aesthetic throughout all of your roadway applications. RoadFocus LED Luminaires are the only roadway lighting solution you will need. FMC, is a leading manufacturer of Sectional and Edge-wound flighting for agriculture and industry. Available in prime carbon steels, abrasion-resistant and stainless steels. This dimension is measured at the shaft at the thickest part of the flight. This is the hole size in the flight into which the center tube or shaft fits.

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Only two companies, Abengoa Bioenergy U.S. Holding and POET, LLC, received the final go-ahead for a taxpayer-backed loan on a biofuels or biomass energy project although POET later withdrew from the program and Abengoa went bankrupt. Other biofuels/biomass companies are awaiting final approval of their loan guarantee applications. Given the program’s past defaults, taxpayers could stand to lose even more if additional DOE loan guarantees are granted to risky projects. SUBSCRIBE Learn about the WastebasketYour weekly reality-check for federal spending.

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