Welcome to the school of Veterinary Medicine’s workplace of analysis & Graduate Studies.

Welcome to the school of Veterinary Medicine’s workplace of analysis & Graduate Studies.

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Faculty Directory UF Veterinary Hospitals Faculty Clinicians Large Animal Hospital Clinicians detailed by solution Small Animal Hospital Clinicians listed by solution Alphabetical selection of All UF College of Veterinary Medicine Faculty A Jeff Abbott Christopher Adin Darcy Adin Ignacio Aguirre Michael Aherne Amy Alexander Ashley Allen Andrew Allison David Allred B Tony Barbet Sarah Beatty. On line Programs Major regions of concentration in graduate study as they are administered by departmental programs within our college’s five divisions

Debby Sundstrom

gear AMTI Force Plate with Gait review Software Gait4Dogs – Gait research Walkway Gait4Dogs – Gait research Treadmill MTS MiniBioniz Material machine that is testing2) Instron Mechanical Testing device Training or Skills Preparation of IACUC & IRB protocols Gait and Lameness evaluation Forceplate analysis GaitRite lameness analysis – walkway GaitRite lameness analysis – treadmill Treadmill.

Elizabeth Huynh

Resident, Diagnostic Imaging Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences PO Box Ave Gainesville, Ross University, 2013 DVM Clinical Rotation, The Ohio State University, 2013 Professional Enjoy Diagnostic Imaging Internship, Animal Specialty and crisis Center, la, CA, 2015 Small Animal Rotating Internship, Atlantic.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

What exactly is shockwave that is extracorporeal for the horse? The UF Equine Lameness & Imaging solution makes use of extracorporeal shockwave treatment as a kind of recovery in horses. Extracorporeal shockwave treatment therapy is a noninvasive modality (extracorporeal means “outside the body”) that makes use of sound waves to stimulate curing in wounds, ligaments, tendons and bony structures. Horses usually are.

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